Could This Be The Future Of Beer Releases?

aeronaut double hop hop can


This week, Aeronaut announced the second ever canning of its highly sought after DIPA, Double Hop Hop.  Aeronaut, is an up and coming brewery based in Somerville, MA.  We’ll cover their brewery in another post, but for now just know that they have one of the coolest spots in Massachusetts.  We’ve been eager to get our hands on some cans from them for awhile now.  Luckily, while prowling Instagram we saw their post about the second batch of Double Hop Hop.  This release, however, would be different.

“Our second-ever batch gets canned fresh out of the fermenters tomorrow! To get your hands on it this time around we created an online reservation system…”

So, we followed the link in their bio which brought us to Eventbrite —the well known ticket app.  There, they laid out the conditions of limiting each person to just 2 4-packs and pickup time starting at 3 PM Friday.  We bought 1 ticket, which equaled the cost of 1 four pack ($18).  Once we had our beer reserved, we were free to pick it up at any time/day after 3pm Friday.  Being the impatient beer fans that we are, we strolled in on Friday.  The process was fantastic.  There was barely a line and when we approached the counter, the staff member scanned the QR code right off our iPhone and handed us the beer.  Boom, done.

The process was so quick, seamless, and efficient, it begs the question: Is this the future of buying limited release beer?  We’d personally love to see breweries adopt this process.  It would eliminate the frustrating situation of arriving at a brewery, only to find a mile long line or that they were sold out entirely.  We'll have to wait and see, but for now, kudos to Aeronaut for thinking outside of the box and embracing an innovative new idea.